This Large Vaporizer Sculpture Comments on Culture Through Gold

 - Jun 20, 2016
References: mikatajima & fastcodesign
Rather than getting people high, this large vaporizer is an artistic installation that comments on culture and cultural shifts.

The large vaporizer has a red square-shaped frame designed by Mika Tajima and a sunken pit where mist comes out. The LED lights alternate between blue and pink depending on the current price of gold. These fluctuations are automatic based on an algorithm the artist created with a programmer to turn the fluctuations in the price of gold into something the eye can see. The artist chose gold to make her statement because it has always been a "steady, safe place to invest" and reflects the world's "collective confidence and insecurity."

People commonly invest in gold, especially when other areas of investment are unstable and risky. By capturing this fact in her artwork, the artist makes a unique statement about the culture of capitalism.