The Large Table by Alex Angi is all Party on the Bottom

 - Apr 2, 2013
References: zerodisegno & contemporist
The Large Table by Alex Angi is a unique creation that looks almost as though an array of oversized crayons has melted through the table top only to drip down to the floor. A playful creation to say the least, it is not colored wax dripping down the floor, but long pieces of protruding plastic.

Working in collaboration with Carlo Poggio, the Large Table by Alex Angi was created for ZERODISEGNO, a studio based in San Giuliano Vecchio, Italy. The vibrant rainbow of dripping plastic contrasts interestingly with the clean look of the stainless steel table. Polished to a high sheen, the piece of furniture is all business on top and party on the bottom.

The Large Table by Alex Angi is available for purchase.