The Lana Del Rey Hunger Games Parody Pulls Pop Culture Strings

 - Feb 7, 2012
References: youtube & jezebel
There are two parallel pop culture sensations racing side by side and they have now mutated into one viral sensation with the Lana Del Rey Hunger Games parody song. Sang to the tune of LDR's Video Games, the song pelts out hilarious lyrics to the luscious syrupy voice the star has become famous for, yet it's not her. Lyrics like, "This district smells like rat piss, my name is Catniss," or, "Hunting in the meadow, Gale's justa guy that I know. He's got a girl's name..go play the Hunger Games," provide catchy hooks.

Hate Lana or not, avoiding the Hunger Games or not, the mega force and allure of this video might just suck you in. Both have enjoyed wide success and criticism. LDR for being a phony manufactured artist and the other for being too shallow, yet people can't help but love them. If you are a fan of one or the other, the Lana Del Rey Hunger Games video is for you.