From Warrior-Themed Editorials to Fantasy Film Cosmetics

 - Aug 29, 2014
These Hunger Games fashion examples range from dystopian film manicures to cosmetic campaigns that pay homage to the fantasy film franchise.

Starring Jennifer Lawerence, Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson, 'The Hunger Games' and its sequal 'Catching Fire' have made a tremendous box office impact while encouraging fashion lovers to experiment with their wardrobe. These daring Hunger Games fashion examples are gathered just in time for Mockingjay's recent poster release that has gone viral after just a few hours.

Whether paying homage to Katniss Everdeen's edgy warrior wardrobe or looking to Effie Trinket's over-the-top and theatrical makeup for inspiration, these Hunger Games finds are nothing short of inspiring. This diverse list is set to appeal to individuals with an appreciation for film and fashion.