This Realistic Mocking Jay Pin is Ideal for Fans of the Hunger Games

 - Aug 13, 2014
References: thinkgeek
Fans anxiously awaiting the release of the first part to the final Hunger Games film in the trilogy in November can join the movement with this hyperrealistic Mocking Jay pin by Think Geek. This brooch perfectly replicates the one worn in the film and book as a symbol of the up-and-coming rebellion.

In the first Hunger Games film, Katniss Everdeen receives a Mocking Jay pin that she wears clipped onto her coat into the first game round. In the last film the Mocking Jay becomes a recognizable symbol for the rebellion set to take place thanks to Everdeen's ability to fight against the Capitol. Think Geek created this incredibly realistic and detailed copy of the Mocking Jay that actress Jennifer Lawrence wears throughout the Hunger Game films. Now fans can feel as though they too have joined the rebellion against the Capitol.