'La Mira Ra' Features a Broad Back Face with Glass Walls

 - Feb 2, 2018
References: archdaily
'La Mira Ra' means "look at it" in English, and the phrase is a fitting one to describe a home of the same name in the south of France. Located up a hill overlooking a nearby valley, La Mira Ra makes use of both form and material to make the most of the natural views surrounding it. The house's back-facing wall is entirely made of glass, and it stretches out along the crest of the hill to offer the broadest vista possible.

Beyond its views, La Mira Ra is further constructed to connect with its surroundings. The walls not made of glass have rustic brick facades that are composed entirely of local stone. The resulting appearance is a juxtaposition of extreme modernism (in the liberal use of glass) combined with traditional materials.

Image Credit: Erick Saillet