La Grande Passerelle is a Lakeside Cottage in Quebec, Canada

 - Jan 4, 2017
References: pthibault & archdaily
La Grande Passerelle is a summer vacation home located in Shawinigan, a rural town in Quebec, Canada. The soft wood cottage is nestled into the forest and sits above a lake, making it an idyllic residence for the young family that frequents it during the beautiful Quebecois summers.

Aside from its marvelous locale, La Grande Passerelle incorporates attractive design features as well. The cottage is divided in the center by an outdoor courtyard, meaning that it has two transverse wings. These wings are connected on the lakeside edge of the property by the living area. However, around the back, the wings are connected by an enclosed bridge that runs across the top floor. This design allows people to walk straight from the dirt path leading to La Grande Passerelle into the courtyard.