Kolon Sport's Office Features an Interactive Showroom

 - Oct 11, 2016
References: retaildesignblog.net
South Korea's 'Kolon Sport' clothing brand has an office space that is engaging, functional and shows off the brand's purpose.

The subsidiary of 'Kolon Industries' is based in Seoul, South Korea and was designed by the 'Steven Leach Group.' The main area of the space is a showroom that features lounge areas, a library, a coffee bar and a stage on which some of Kolon Sport's clothing is revealed on mannequins. The showroom area of the office features vivid colors and natural light, which works in contrast to the monochrome design of the office area itself -- a space that is almost completely black, white and gray in its colors.

This office space functions as a marketing tool for its visitors while also being an engaging space in which employees are able to work and relax.