Kim Kyung Soo Captures the Hanbok in a Artistically Modern Way

 - Mar 1, 2016
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The Korean hanbok is a traditional garb that not many women today would wear willingly. After all, it's quite the opposite of the skintight, skin-showing outfits seen on the streets all year round. Yet there is something beautiful in the fold of the voluminous skirt and the asymmetrical line of its silhouette. Not to mention that fashion photographer Kim Kyung Soo captures the costume in a somewhat untraditional way.

Asking his models to lift the skirt and pose in various ways, Kim Kyung Soo manages to transform the hanboks into works of art. This is especially the case since they are captured against fairly stark backdrops. The entire series is dubbed "The Full Moon Story" and stars an adult woman and what appears to be her young daughter.