The Kiiroo App Allows for Long-Distance Sensual Connections

 - Feb 5, 2014
References: youtube & psfk
The Kiiroo app has the potential to save a whole gamut of long distance relationships. The main problem with distance in a relationship is the lack of legitimate presence and physical touch. While Kiiroo cannot simply bring your loved one directly to you, it can at least let you feel them there.

Sex toys are no longer as risque as they used to be. With the wide acceptance of public sexuality in the media and society, it isn't strange for people to seek solace in their toys. When you're in a long distance relationship this behavior can only hold you for so long though and that's what Kiiroo is for.

Kiroo comes with two separate devices, the SVir, a ring for men and the OPue, a vibrator for women. Each device can read signals from the other for a shared intimate experience. Long distance relationships are hard but this device may help make them a bit easier.