These Kids' Basketball Shoes Are Inspired By Nike's Signature Athletes

 - May 12, 2016
Kids' basketball shoes simply have to be designed to promote comfort and motion -- the former is imperative when you consider how fast kids' feet grow, while the latter speaks to everything that healthy and active children represent.

This is where Nike's new Court Motion Pack comes in. These shoes are designed to encourage kids' movement out on the basketball court, while inspiring them to move better and faster by taking design cues inspired by Nike signature athletes' favorite modes of real and imaginary transportation.

These shoes include the KD8 Court Glider, inspired by the orange bicycle that Durant rode around as a kid and the Lebron 13 Sudden Impact, which takes its inspiration from teleportation, which fascinated the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar as a child.

With their innovative design and smart design, these kids' basketball shoes can be trusted by parents who want to keep their children happy and healthy through basketball.