The KIA Sportage Campaign Advertises Dual Zone Air Conditioning

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: moma-agency & ibelieveinadv
The KIA Sportage ad campaign certainly appeals to two very different worlds. From the cute and innocent to the raunchy and sexy, this naughty twist on Sunday newspaper comic strips is both shocking and daring. Of course, until you read the bottom of the ad, your guess as to what these ads are for would most likely be wrong.

The KIA Sportage ad campaign cleverly advertises its dual zone air conditioning feature. With its tagline, 'A different temperature on each side,' the two different takes on the same comic strips begin to make more sense. The left side represents a cooler state while the right represents a much hotter one.

The KIA Sportage ad campaign was conceived by Sao Paolo-based agency Moma.