These Kent Michael Smith Paintings Embody and Abstract Concept

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: kentmichaelsmith & lanciatrendvisions
These color-enriched art works by Kent Michael Smith embody an abstract visual aesthetic. Entitled 'Layer over Layer', this set of geometric compositions is a fresh and modern translation of a classic cubist painting style, made popular by iconic artist Pablo Picasso.

Mixing electric-hued color washes with angled shapes, these Kent Michael Smith paintings appear three-dimensional and almost sculptural at first glance. While his bright color combinations catch a viewer's attention, the artist's strategically placed geometric elements reveal a complex study of depth and perspective.

In addition to their cubism-inspired roots, Smith's paintings also mimic crystallized forms that are both sharp edged and irregular. The shapes are very similar to those of organic minerals, precious stones and aged rock formations found in our natural world.