Kazim Gunyar Photographed an Exclusive Editorial for C-Heads

 - Jan 20, 2015
References: kazimgunyar.4ormat & c-heads
Kazim Gunyar photographed gorgeous model Tina enjoying a beautiful winter day at home in this exclusive C-Heads editorial.

Tina's at-home look includes an oversize tee shirt and a skimpy, lacy underwear. The first rule of thumb when playing hooky is that if you're staying home, your pants stay off, too. It's a sacred decree, one that's been around for as long as pants have been invented, and Tina has no intention of breaking it. As is always the case with anyone with multiple tattooes, Tina's body art elevates her casual look to the next level

Lounging around her friend's beachfront apartment in San Pedro, California, Tina looks perfectly content. She lays in bed, wanders onto the balcony and pours herself a warm cup of Joe.