The Coveteur Exposes Stylist Katie Mossman's Closet Style Secrets

If you've ever wondered what the closet of a celebrity stylist looks like, behold Katie Mossman's Closet is revealed in 'The Coveteur' website/ blog feature. Peaking into Katie Mossman's closet who happens to be the brains behind many of your favorite editorials and runway shows is a fashion lovers dream come true. Mossman has been behind massive projects from Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue to Demarchelier and Kadel. Her most memorable styling was the Harper's Bazaar shoot with Peter Lindberg and Marrakech.

Katie Mossman reveals that she is obsessed with 60s fashions since the fashion period showed off lots of leg. Katie Mossman is a fashion visionary and her own closet is packed with delicious styles and looks. Katie Mossman's closet features hundreds of stiletto shoes, high-end flats, denim skirts, dazzling dresses and a piece of clothing from every fashion designer under the sun!