Nature is Altered in the Blossom Series by Karan Singh

 - Jun 14, 2014
References: wakeupmrsingh & inspirefirst
Karan Singh's Blossom Series alters the way one perceives nature. The Australian artist and illustrator's playful project shows you what can happen when traditional flowers and leaves are adorned with colorful stripes and polka dot patterns.

In past years, Karan Singh has worked in collaboration with Intel, Fast Company, Nickelodeon and other top brands who have utilized his vivid art works in their marketing campaigns and creative ventures.

These engaging illustrations transform classic botanical subjects with an infusion of vibrant color and print. A range of visually vivid flowers and leaves are captured against a bold and geometric backdrop that is equally as vibrant as they are.

Karan's project embodies his signature aesthetic, one that is filled with bright colors and positive imagery.