Armida Ascano Celebrates the Kanye and Kim Baby News with Hip Hop Finds

 - Jan 25, 2013
Armida Ascano is celebrating the Kanye and Kim baby news announcement with these unexpected rapper expansions.

The rap genre has come a long way from the East Coast West Coast rivalry of the 1990s. Who’d have known that rap music would evolve into such a widespread and influential subculture?

Today, rap culture is perpetuated through large mainstream media channels such as television, radio and even Hollywood movies, but what is catching people off-guard is its permeation into the world of fashion, film and more.

Come join rap enthusiast Armida Ascano as she explores unexpected rap expansions such as Kanye West’s couture clothing lines, ASAP Rocky’s fashion photography, Jay-Z’s dope documentaries, Cassidy’s safe sex endorsements and Bun B’s coloring books.

Armida is Trend Hunter’s Editor and Academy Strategist, as well as the in-house rap expert. Tweet her at @onewomanarmi if you’d like to chat more about rap.