Kamehameha-ing Schoolgirls Recreate Moves from Anime Films

 - Mar 31, 2013
References: boingboing.net & incrediblethings
School girls in Japan have found an inventive way to spend their downtime: 'Kamehameha-ing.' In case you're wondering what that entails, it means the girls are posting pictures of themselves performing awesome attack moves from anime tv shows. Some of the surreal pictures show one person standing still with their arms outstretched as they seemingly propel their classmates into the air or across the room.

The moves the girls are re-creating are from the popular show 'Dragon Ball.' Japanese street culture has provided many surreal, wacky and utterly fascinating fads in recent times, from girls getting donut-shaped implants in their foreheads to surreal pictures of people levitating in mid-air. The fact that these images have already turned 'Kamehameha-ing' into a popular pastime shows the power of social media.