Paul Raff Architects Designed 'Kaleidoscope House' to Bounce Light

 - Aug 30, 2017
References: paulraffstudio & dezeen
'Kaleidoscope House' gets its name from the extensive use of mirrors on its interior, especially covering the exposed staircase that rises through the center of the open-concept ground floor. The staircase's balustrade is coated in reflective metal, and as one rises the mirrors move closer together, offering up increasingly involuted views of the interior, like in a funhouse.

Aside from the interesting visual effects, an added benefit of the mirrors is that they spread light throughout the home. Located in Toronto, the winters in the area have short days with limited sunlight, so Kaleidoscope House's interior smartly maximizes the little natural light available. Further, the outside of the home features slats that channel sunlight inward during the later hours of the day while blocking the heat of the Sun while the it's strongest.