These 3D Kaleidoscope Designs Scale Walls and Include People

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: & mymodernmet
Suzan Drummen's mesmerizing art installations cover floors and walls with kaleidoscope designs that employ thousands of tiny sparkling pieces. The artwork is made using pieces of crystal, metal, gems, mirrors and optic glass. The designs sprawl across a floor and climb up onto a wall, dazzling viewers and creating 3D optical illusions. The designs even incorporate people -- bedazzled legs stretched out, blending surprisingly seamlessly into the overall design.

Suzan's work challenges normal visual perceptions, with large pieces that look cohesive from afar, yet close up are a jumbled mix of mediums and colors, confusing the eye and difficult to focus in on. The individual pieces within resemble children's stick-on earrings, while the overall look mimics intricate rugs that are visually distracting.