Graphic Artist k2man Makes Magical Creatures in a Magical World

 - Jan 12, 2015
References: k2manart & mymodernmet
Fans of Maurice Sendak's 'Where the Wild Things Are,' will enjoy the work of k2man, an Argentina-based graphic artist and illustrator who specializes in creating whimsical, furry creatures adventuring through forested landscapes.

According to the artist, the creatures live in a magical realm where they retain an awareness of their own existence. It is through this awareness that k2man is able to more fully explore our own questions of existentialism; for instance, what are we doing here? And where are we going?

Humans appear in k2man's scenes, interacting with the animals and creatures. The viewer's sense of wonder and awe if furthered as they see both human and beast interact with one another in this whimsical world.