Justin James Muir Uses Artwork to Raise Money for Cancer Research

Justin James Muir's latest project is titled 'Book of Beards,' and as its name suggests, it is comprised of pictures of heavily bearded men. Many men have a strong attachment to their facial companions, such that they may go years without handling a pair of clippers. Beards can be a status of power and sophistication while also being a symbol of ruggedness and brute force.

All proceeds from the first pressing of the book will go towards the medical bills of a friend of Muir who has been diagnosed with cancer. The rest of the proceeds will go directly towards the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

A compassionate endeavor, Muir photographs those who have been lucky enough to have the health necessary to grow such majestic beards. Should any of these men ever require chemo, it's people like Justin James Muir that ensure proper organizations continue to get the financial support they need.