The Just Cavalli Resort 2015 Collection is Exotically Street Savvy

The Just Cavalli Resort 2015 collection embraces the 'urban jungle' cliche for a different take on its diffusion line this time around. Although often inspired by oversea destinations and exotic cultures, Robert Cavalli has decided to stay a little closer to home by way of an urban element without sacrificing too much of the outlandish flair he often celebrates.

As full of vibrant colors, bold patterns and travel-friendly cuts as previous lines, the Just Cavalli Resort 2015 collection introduces an athletic aesthetic as well as a bit of a futuristic edge to spice things up a bit. Using technical materials like neoprene, laser-cut nylon and silver thermal paper, the combinations provide a visual playground full of hues, textures and more. Streetwear savviness has never been better.