Take Flight with the Julian Charriere + Julius Von Bismarck Collaboration

Pigeons are thought of as annoying, dirty birds, but the Julian Charriere + Julius von Bismarck collaboration re-conceives this notion. The Berlin-based artists formed a partnership to build a bird trap that would beautify pigeons in the city of Copenhagen. According to Charriere's website, "the machine works as a bird trap with a conveyor belt mechanism, ones inside the machine the pigeon get automatically airbrushed in different colors."

Placing the machine atop a roof for a week, the pair managed to trap approximately 35 pigeons. Coated in bright blues, vivacious violets and gorgeous greens, the pigeons soared through the skies with their eye-catching makeovers garnering the attention of pedestrians. This simply charming pigeon project produced by Julian Charriere + Julius von Bismarck is a name-maker for these fearless creators.