Jukhee Kwon's 'Being' Show Showcases Hanging Paper Shreds

Jukhee Kwon's 'Being' show at La Scatola Gallery aims to engage viewers. The hanging bits of paper were intricately cut by the Korean artist, and have been deliberately made to provoke thoughts on art's ability to both destruct and re-create nature.

Kwon took shredded her books and reused those very scraps to create her life-sized monument. She has harnessed her infatuation with death and rebirth here, as well as with her mentor artist John Latham who once asked his student to chew leaflets.

La Scatola is thrilled to host Being, especially given its deep emotional aspects, "The artist notes a personal and cultural narrative within her work, which came from the act of making." It is similarly moving for UK observers privy to this gigantic installation.