This JUS Juice Beverage is Branded as 'Squash-Kin Spice'

 - Oct 8, 2016
References: jusbyjulie & trndmonitor
JÙS by Julie makes a variety of intriguing juice beverage products that defy the norms of this drink category, including a seasonal 'Squash-Kin Spice' flavor.

This unique limited-time juice product is made with a simple list of ingredients that includes a blended squash and rice milk base, plus fruits such as apple, banana and pumpkin pie spices like warming cinnamon and nutmeg. As well as being loaded with flavor, the healthy squash-based juice beverage is rich with minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. As JÙS by Julie cleverly says: "Now getting your daily dose of fruits and vitamins is as easy as pie!"

Considering the popularity of drinks and food products that are inspired by pumpkin spice, this Jus beverage puts a unique spin on the flavor for the juice category.