Jose Cuervo Imagines Hows its Brand Progressively Looked from 1795

 - Mar 21, 2014
References: cuervo & adweek
Jose Cuervo is the world’s oldest tequila maker, and to introduce its new website, it is taking a nostalgic spin on the advertising.

McCann New York has included five sites in one for Jose Cuervo; it imagines what the brands site would’ve looked like back in 1795, 1880, 1945 and 1974. The advertisements show iconic images and settings that date back to the specified eras. This shows the importance that Jose Cuervo has had through the years and its dependability as a brand.

On the design the agency says, "Fully actualizing the concept in an authentic way required researching the language and design tropes of each chosen year, and then presenting what we needed to say about Cuervo through those stylistic realities," the agency says. This style allows consumers to interact with the brands site during the aforementioned eras and appreciate the changes of the brands image while still being authentic.