The Jorge Lopez Pardo Canvas Paintings Depict Jetliners

 - Jan 28, 2013
References: mymodernmet
The Jorge Lopez Pardo canvas-based pieces feature an assortment of airplanes. The Cuban artist works with a graphite medium, relaying the engines via an alluring variation of grey tones.

For Pardo, jetliners are representative of the 21st century man. It is for this reason that he has incorporated them consistently in his portrayals of clouds, smoke and crashes.

Like man, he believes the machines struggle with elements of loneliness and inner turmoil, trudging along throughout daily life. And yet, unlike man, aircraft’s are able to transcend physical distances and barriers that man cannot, "A plane has no boundaries—in fact, it’s always breaking them." It is in this way that his inanimate subjects are inspirational, transformative and most certainly global.