The ‘Joe the Hippo’ Tub Stopper Will Have Your Kids Beggi

 - May 1, 2013
One of the hardest things to get any toddler or young child to do is take a bath, but thanks to this cute, ‘Joe the Hippo’ tub stopper by bathroom accessory company Bath Plug, kids will likely be rushing to wash up.

Some of the best ways to entice children to do undesirable chores or cleaning tasks is by involving a playful and fun element into the mix and this Joe the Hippo tub stopper sees Bath Plug doing just that. Featuring a large, detailed hippopotamus head, this bath tub stopper is so fun to look at that kids are likely to forget about the discomfort they feel when washing up.

One of the greatest things about the Joe the Hippo bath stopper is that its detailed and chic look makes this bath time accessorie look like more of a modern bathroom feature than just a toy your child forgot in the tub.