The Jens Ullrich Olympic Series Is Iconic and Creative

The Jens Ullrich Olympic series creates a collision between contemporary athletes and ancient sculptures. The Berlin-based artist Jens Ullrich finds the frozen moment of sheer athleticism found in professional athletes, juxtaposing these photographs with motionless stone that all celebrate the physique of the human figure. Each collage creates an even more powerful moment, providing commentary on the continued and ever-present appraisal of the body.

The figures that Ullrich uses are from photographs found around the Berlin 1936 Olympic Stadium and which have since been placed in aesthetic passivity. Yet as the artist explains in an article for The Last Magazine, that by using these neglected statues he "forced them into symbolic reparations, by hustling their divided bodies into new action and by violating their authorship, so that free spirit, which is known to fly like a dove, can finally take possession of them."