Jellyfish Photos by Alexander Semenov Jump out at You

 - Jan 23, 2012
References: lostateminor & thisiscolossal
Alexander Semenov is a chief dive instructor in Russia which allowed him to get these deep-sea jellyfish photos. These vibrant shots were taken using a professional camera on various dives that Alexander makes every day. Semenov studied zoology at the University of Moscow and specialized in invertebrate animals, which makes him a justified jellyfish guru.

These stunning shots capture the vivid colors and wide variety of shades characteristic of this species. The jellyfish photos show just how delicate these invertebrate truly are, by showcasing the thin translucent heads. Of note is the intensity of the inner organs of a jellyfish, which are so aptly depicted in these shots.

These deep-sea depictions showcase the jellyfish in a whole new light, exposing a multitude of different angles and shapes. Alexander Semenov's work can seem almost heavenly and in an instant the average viewer has a new profound understanding of the jellyfish.