A Danish Researcher Has Developed a New Method of Jellyfish Preparation

 - Aug 3, 2017
References: sciencedirect & theverge
There are more than just potato chips available to those looking for a snack, from yam to banana to shrimp, but adventurous eaters can now add a completely new chip to the list: jellyfish chips. The novel snack item was invented by Mie Thorborg Pederson from the University of Southern Denmark, and it turns the slimy sea creatures into edible chips in a matter of days by soaking them in alcohol.

Jellyfish chips might sound outrageous, but the invertebrate has been a fine delicacy in Japan, China, and Southeast Asian countries for over 1,000 years. The traditional method for preparing jellyfish also involves drying it, though that process used salt and took as long as a month. By using 96 percent ethanol instead, the fish chips dried out far faster and left familiar-looking thin discs (rather than the crunchy strands from the traditional method.)