The New JATA Facility Features Tall Slats on Its Facade

 - Jan 4, 2017
References: archdaily
The new JATA facility features a louvred facade that accentuates the massive scale of the building without giving it the bland appearance of a typical industrial building. Designed by Jose Miguel Garcia Perez, a Spanish architect, the building's exterior looks like a massive, monolithic version of Venetian blinds, with a similar impact on how it lets natural light inside.

JATA is a Spanish manufacturer of household appliances, and the company's recent growth prompted it to build a new industrial facility for both storage and manufacturing. The JATA facility that arose from this necessity consists of two volumes: one for the logistics portion of the company and the other for the administrative offices. The louvred facade is not only attractive, but it serves as a compromise for natural light. Many industrial materials need to be shielded from direct light, while people prefer natural light -- the concrete louvres satisfy both these needs.