The Jared Clark Bleeder Project Uses Unusual Body Parts

 - Dec 17, 2012
References: jaredlindsayclark &
As the Jared Clark Bleeder project clearly demonstrates, using your hands for drawing is so passe these days.

You may be able to create the most picturesque scenery using your nimble fingers, but artist Jared Clark likes a serious challenge, using his entire face to create masterpieces that cannot possibly be reproduced by anyone else. He gathers handfuls of multicolored Sharpie markers and aligns them in between the paper and his eyes, cheeks, forehead and mouth. Then he slowly works his way around the page, creating stippling ink spots and wavy, erratic lines that go in every which direction. The result is a gorgeously colored image that looks like it has been died with carefully placed blots of ink.

The Jared Clark Bleeder project is erratic and unpredictable, yet beautiful as well.