The Peace Kitchen Shares Japanese Food and Culture Traditions

Aiming to increase the number of people who get to experience Japanese food and culture on a global scale, Peace Kitchen was developed as a collaboration between the founders of Table for Two, the designers of umari and GLIDER. Since first-hand experience is key to building awareness on any issue, Peace Kitchen does this by creating culinary experience for people to partake in.

These events are hosted in destinations like Italy, Kenya and Uganda, showing off parts of the culture like sculpting mochi, pouring sake. Even if there is a language barrier, nonverbal communication creates an understanding of what needs to be done and makes everybody feel part of the small community.

Although many of Peace Kitchen's events celebrate Japan's ancient roots, technology is often integrated to enhance the experience. For instance, equipped with sound and movement sensors, traditional Japanese lanterns are able to give off colors that reflect the energy of a room.