Itsabob by Jed Berk Ensures Children Don't Lose Their Inflated Toy

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: kickstarter & psfk
Every so often a person will see a balloon stuck in a tree or flying high above the city and find themselves thinking about the teary-eyed child that lost it; those sad sightings won't have to happen anymore thanks to Itsabob by Jed Berk, a product designer based in Los Angeles, California. It is basically a leash for balloons.

Once clamped onto the string of a balloon, Itsabob by Jed Berk works fairly simply. With one push of a button, the balloon soars upwards. With another, it is brought back down to the owner. According to Psfk, "The idea behind Itsabob is to let people experience that feeling of 'letting go' of a balloon." It can also act as a weight for balloons at parties.