This Refreshing Italian Soda Recipe Can Be Made with Favorite Flavors

 - Sep 1, 2015
References: food52
This contemporary twist on classic Italian sodas makes for the perfect homemade refreshment.

A typical Italian soda is made with sweet syrup, ice and seltzer, but this simple combination can be brightened up in many ways. In this DIY recipe, finishing the drink with a touch of heavy cream gives it a unique, float-like consistency that is lighter and easier to drink.

The recipe is simple and begins with a sweet syrup -- but be creative here, anything works: fresh fruit juices, canned nectar, even melted popsicles. The next step is to fill half a glass with ice, and one third of the glass with your syrup. Next, choose your favorite carbonated drink; soda, tonic, or even champagne.

Leave enough room on top of your glass for the last step, a touch of heavy cream, which will swirl through the drink for a thicker, velvety texture.