Alaska Airlines is Adopting iPad Aircraft Manuals for its Pilots

 - May 31, 2011
References: engadget & designboom
You may have to turn off your iPod when your flight's about to take off, but pilots have exclusive access to their iPad aircraft manuals whenever they should be required.

Alaska Airlines is making the changeover from printed handbooks in a clever attempt to streamline the accessibility of information, among other benefits to this scheme. Airbus reference manuals can weigh 25 pounds, and the prospect of storing that much more text and more, in addition to visual media, makes this project an example for other air travel organizations. Swapping a stack of paper for a 1.5-pound gadget will save paper, as well as reduce the load the pilot and the plane carry. The program for converting to iPad aircraft manuals also opens up a range of possibilities for available video tutorials and other interactive applications.Photo Credits: designboom, engadget