The Intrigue Lamp by Andrey Dokuchaev Leaves a Little in the Shadows

 - Jan 4, 2012
Seldom does one place a table lamp or a floor lamp in the center of a room. More often, such a piece will be arranged against a wall or perhaps even in a corner. The Intrigue Lamp by Andrey Dokuchaev addresses the fact that 360 degrees of illumination is rarely a necessity from these sorts of objects, opting to direct more light through a narrower angle.

The stylish light fixture incorporates a substantial asymmetrical lampshade which extends to the length of its base on one side, while its bottom edge gradually slants up to a more conventional height. The perimeter formed outlines a perfect elliptical shape, opening up to let a warm glow cast outwards, guided by the metallic gold finish inside the gorgeous Intrigue Lamp by Andrey Dokuchaev.