From Sweet Swaying Illuminators to Buoy-Inspired Lighting

 - Jun 6, 2011
You've got your rocking chairs, your rocking horses and your back-and-forth bassinets, but these examples of rad chairless rockers will show you how round bottoms and rocker runners can be adapted to fit just about anything.

Seeing curved wooden footings on items other than explicit seats can have quite a comical effect. Table lights that oscillate and bales of hay that sway make for playfully peculiar items. Spherical bases found on floor lamps, ottomans and planters offer a frolicsome to-and-fro movement to otherwise stagnant spaces. Toilets, phone docks, pianos and teapots are some other unexpected seesawing whatsits that by nature match none of the common rocking objects. Designed for function or for fun, these rad chairless rockers add a lightheartedness where it's least anticipated and often most appreciated.