Hamish Tennent's 'Rocker Stool' Remembers the Way You Last Sat

 - Mar 5, 2011
References: coroflot & yankodesign
The 'Rocker Stool' is a conceptual cork stool from designer Hamish Tennent. Now, normally a stool with a ceramic exterior and a cork seating pad wouldn't be much to talk about, but the Rocker Stool is not like every other stool.

The Rocker Stool has a unique function that positions it in the last direction that someone was sitting in. So for example, if somebody got up and walked away to the right, the Rocker Stool would be permanently tilted to the right until somebody else came and sat down.

The Rocker Stool's smooth look and use of traditionally low-quality materials seems to signal a switch in designer and consumer preference. No longer do consumers want lavish pieces of furniture that feel impersonal. People are now willing to accept lesser-quality furniture if it means more fun and interaction like what the Rocker Stool offers.