Mikael Jansson's Interview February 2014 Editorial Parties Hard

Titled 'The Morning After,' this Interview February 2014 editorial is all about those days when you wake up and wonder what on Earth happened last night.

Featuring models Sasha Luss and Lexi Boling, the photo shoot is like the fashion world's version of the hangover. Photographer Mikael Jansson captures the hard partying crew as they haphazardly lie on the floor across a motel hallway. Basking in the morning sun's rays as the guys wear floral board shorts and the girls rock jerseys and bra tops, this photo shoot is definitely a hot - but fun - mess.

They may not remember what shenanigans they got up to the night before, but that doesn't mean they're not ready to do it all over again. Check out the Interview February 2014 photo shoot above.