The 'KidsWiFi' Router is an Internet Solution to Control Access

 - Oct 19, 2016
References: kidswifi & gadgetsin
Despite children having a world's worth of information available via the Internet it can be a daunting place for parents to let then roam free, so the 'KidsWiFi' internet solution is here to help. The 'KidsWiFi' router works quite simply to block adult content, restrict access to mature YouTube videos and even filter out the advertisements that are rampant on the net. This enables children to search and browse without having to have parents worrying that they're looking at information or content that isn't appropriate for them.

The 'KidsWiFi' internet solution is also capable of recording the different sites that kids are visiting on a laptop or a mobile device to help parents get an idea of how much time they're spending online. The 'KidsWiFi' won't inhibit other family members from accessing the Internet at full-speed and in an unfiltered way.