The Massively Interactive Storytelling Platform Engages with Readers

 - Dec 27, 2014
References: getmassively & springwise
It is no secret that the publishing world is facing a number of challenges as digital technologies change the reading landscape -- which is where interactive storytelling platforms like Massively come in. The app lets authors tell their stories through text messaging. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) and creative writing, it engages with readers by getting them to text the stories' characters.

Users can browse different stories with Massively, and after picking one, can communicate via text messaging with the main character. The interactive storytelling app is also an opportunity for writers to experiment. They can send in scripts and choose automatic responses depending on what the app user inputs. According to Springwise, while the AI development has a ways to go, it can tell between real questions, "gibberish" responses and yes/no answers.