Intellifit Takes The Frustration Out Of Online Shopping

 - Mar 29, 2007
References: intellifit
Ever notice how clothes in “your size” don't always fit? Makes you think twice before ordering clothes online without being able to try them on.

Take the frustration out of shopping on the web with Intellifit, the virtual fitting room. This free service helps internet shoppers find their closest fit in a variety of clothing brands to help them shop with ease.

At seven feet wide and eight feet high, the tubular kiosk invites users to stand, fully clothed, inside a glass chamber as more than 200,000 data points are assessed by a wand.

Not only does it decrease your chances of having to ship and return merchandise to retailers, but it is also very efficient. It takes a mere 10 seconds to get measured.

After being scanned, users are assigned a "FitPrint" containing over 200 body measurements to be used when shopping for brand name clothes including Nordstrom, Levi's, Lands' End, GAP, Nautica, and Dockers.

Intellifit's newest Virtual Fitting Room will be offered at the Philadelphia International Airport. This is perfect for the traveller with nothing to do before a flight, and, since it's free, is worth checking out.

Sound a little freaky? Intellifit assures “the system uses very low power radio waves (about 1/350th the power of a cell phone signal) and is perfectly safe.”