The Instant Cup Noodles Very Veggie Have a Serving of Vegetables

 - Aug 15, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Instant noodles aren't associated with being the healthiest food choice, so the new Instant Cup Noodles Very Veggie varieties aim to change this with a recipe that has a full serving of vegetables in each cup.

The noodles come in three flavor options including Spicy Chicken, Chicken, and Beef. Each flavor is then infused with vegetables such as red bell pepper, cabbage, green beans, corn, carrots, broccoli, and edamame. The new product speaks to a growing consumer demand for healthier versions of popular foods, which give consumers a way to enjoy familiar varieties without having to worry too much about ingredients.

The Instant Cup Noodles Very Veggie are also free of artificial flavors and MSG2, making them a better-for-you option over traditional ramen noodles.