ADRail is an Innovative Branding Strategy by EHC Global

 - Aug 29, 2011
References: flickr & ehc-global
ADRail is new form of branding by EHC Global that uses patent technology to print advertisements directly on the handrails of escalators and moving walks. The innovative branding uses high resolution printing that can be matched to any color swatch, even rich, vibrant colors, making a clients possibilities truly endless. The glossy finishes are also UV stable, so they hold-up in outdoor spaces as well.

The array of brilliant colors and color combinations available not only attract consumer attention, but also improve escalator safety. The clean look of the railings makes passengers more receptive to holding them. Additionally, an ADRail can be printed to include safety instructions reminding passengers to hold the railing, or that indicate the speed and direction of motion. ADRail‘s innovative branding provides new spaces for advertising that once weren’t possible, increasing a consumer’s exposure to the advertiser’s product.