'Fly Legs Up' Hammocks Make Long-Haul Coach Flights More Bearable

 - Jun 17, 2017
References: flylegsup & inc
'Fly Legs Up' is an inflatable in-flight hammock that improves the comfort of long-haul flights.

Easy-to-use straps attach the Fly Legs up to your folding table and inflatable pillows keep legs tucked up. The pillows deflate and pack into a compact carrying case for easy transport. For children, the kids' version turns the seat into a cot so little ones can be cozy and get a good night's sleep. Additionally, adults can sit in a variety of positions by adjusting the pillows.

Some people experience uncomfortable swelling in their legs after a long-haul flight buy this inflatable in-flight hammock elevates your feet and legs which improves venous circulation. Being able to shift positions easily also helps with this as movement prevents blood from pooling.