East Wind Snack Shop's Incredible Har Gow Changes a Dumpling Staple

 - May 9, 2018
References: eastwindsnackshop & grubstreet
The har gow dumpling is an unchanging staple for any dim sum menu but East Wind Snack Shop is putting its own spin on the classic dish with its Incredible Har Gow. Developed by chef and owner Chris Cheung, these dumplings play off the traditional har gow but introduce a tapioca batter crust and a sauce made of abalone.

When introducing the item to the East Wind Snack Shop menu, Cheung had no intention of altering the traditional har gow, but quickly changed his mind when considering the logistical challenge presented by his small eatery. While the conventional cooking method involves just a steamer, the Incredible Har Gow opt for a double-cooking method, similar to a pan-fried and steamed sheng jian bao. This new cooking method gives the Incredible Har Gow a thin and lacy crust that combines beautifully with the soft and gooey texture of the inside of the dumpling.

Image Credit: Liz Clayman