Adverting is an expensive business and agencies and their clients are always looking for ways to monitor the success of a campaign.

imotions, a danish technology company, have created a way to monitor viewers reactions through their blink. The eye sensors track where a person is looking, their pupil dilation and their blink responses. This can tell the company if they are aroused, excited, afraid, etc. Similar concepts have been around for a while but this new design enables the viewer to simply sit in front of a screen without being wired up with sensors. In works by a computer located behind the viewer, which tracks their eyes and monitors their reactions synchronized to moments happening on the screen.

There is skepticism over the new technology, saying their is little more you can learn from it that cannot be found out in focus groups. However, advertising is much more multifaceted and needs more qualitative research results regarded instantaneous reactions such as certain points of excitement, energy or engagement. It also provides honest reactions from consumers.